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There are many time tested & proven benefits of casting solidification simulation.

Virtual trials save great amount of time & money.
Find hotspot in casting geometry in advance.
Accordingly design the gating system & risers.
Verify designed / existing gating & risering system.
Prediction of solidification time of casting.
Reduction in rejection percentage.
Yield optimisation.
Reduced turnaround time.
Reduction in development cost.
Boost in customer confidence.

Casting Solidification Simulation

Casting is a  massive industry in & around Kolhapur. With every consignment, most  of the casting units in India work of judgments, assumptions & trial  & errors. Though they have sufficient experience in this sector,  the way they start working on every assignment is time consuming. This  ultimately fetches economical losses.

With our Casting  Solidification Simulation system, one can presuppose ultimate results  with the help of fact sheets produces by our study. This system  precisely guides us regarding following segments of casting :

Molten  Metal Flow simulationsimulationShrinkage Defect analysis through  simulation software.of existing/new gating system design through  simulation software.
Virtually tested defect analysis process
With the help of our specialised softwares. It helps us to pressume entire mould filling, solidification & defect analysis process.

Have a look at all these processes replicated from our specialised softwares.

Visuals of Mould Filling
Solidification Process
Mould Filling
Defect Analysis
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